Saturday, September 29, 2012

Try Jesus?

I was working for a transportation company in Harlem when one day I picked up a large black woman whose age was probably in the mid to late 40's. She boarded the vehicle, said hello and sat down in a seat. She said nothing to me the entire trip. I pulled up to her destination which was a church and she prepared to exit. As she was exiting she said, "Jesus is coming soon. Just give Him try." I thanked her and pulled away after she was completely off. I began thinking about her comments.

What does it mean to "try Jesus?" Let's say I did take her upn her advice and I decided to give Him a try. Suppose that after a month or two I came to the conclusion that Jesus just isn't really my thing and I would like to get rid of Him. Is this acceptable? I think not.

Jesus isn't someone who needs to be tried. He's not a career, sport, shirt, or anything else that you give a whirl at and then do away with if you don't like what the particular thing is offering. We don't try Jesus; we cling to Him. We don't come to Him because we want all of our problems to disappear. We don't come to Him for "our best life now."

One should cling to Jesus because He is the savior. Everyone sins and is therefore considered to be a sinner. We all stand under judgment of a righteous and holy God who punishes sin. Jesus takes the place of the sinner so that the person will not have to face God on the day of judgment based on his own merits. No one can stand before God based on his own merits. Jesus can.

It's not about "trying" Jesus. It's about understanding who He is and what He offers to sinners.

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