Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Power of Propaganda

It is amazing to think of the mind-shift which has occurred so rapidly within America. In particular, the mpral relativism and propagation of redifing marriage is astounding. How could these, among other things, happen so quickly? My answer: mass media (i.e., television, music, internet, etc.)

Television has had an extrememly major part to play in the moral shift. I rarely meet anyone who reads for pleasure. That is, most people I come across only read when they are enrolled in a class. Otherwise, they will not pick up a book. What is their alternative to reading? Tlelvision of course. The mor epeople I meet the mor I realize how much telelvision consumes the time of Americans. Hours are spent gazing upon many of the dumbest shows ever produced. You can feel your brain slowly melting while watching such trash. Because television, music and the internet consume the time of so many people, it is not surprising that some would use these outlets to spread propaganda in order to win over converts to their cause(s).

For example, the acceptance and celebration of homosexuality in the media is ubiquitous. Shows are put out there in order to make the American public desensitized to the immorality of homosexual practice. Years ago, homosexuality wasn't put on a pedestal as it is today. It was kept on the down-low and seriously frowned upon. Now, it is shoved into everyone's face and those who aren't on board are threatened with lawsuits.

It amazes me how easy it is to dupe people so long as certan tactics are employed. Constant exposure to a given type of person, behavior or whatever will numb the public. Throw out some catchy slogans, play the victim card and BAM! You're well on your way to moving the people towards your side of things, no matter how repulsive or heinous your behavior might be.

Beware mass media. For real. Don't buy into what your see and/or hear. I believe many of these celebrities and television stations are paid off by wealthy homosexuals or people sympathetic to homosexuals and that is why they shove this garbage down everyone's throat. From grade school, to college, to music, to television shows, to internet, to movies, to places of employment, certain leftist dogma is being forced upon many individuals. What a shame.