Thursday, September 11, 2014

Richard Dawkins? .....Who Cares?

When many Christian Apologists are discussing contemporary issues relating to unbelief, Richard Dawkins seems to be the most widely and frequently mentioned individual. Articles, lectures and books are presented and his name is so often mentioned. One must think he is THE champion of unbelief and its most capable and intelligent proponent. As I've listened and read various Christian scholars and pastors talk about this man and the assertions he makes, I couldn't help but constantly think........who cares?

This man may be an expert in his area of expertise (biology?) but he's a buffoon when discussing topics which are completely out of range of his expertise. It's not uncommon for non-believers to do such things. I'm reminded of the debate Dr. Greg Bahnsen had with Gordon Stein in which Dr. Bahnsen mentioned during the debate that "...for some reason Dr. Stein has, over the last decade, left his field of expertise and given his life to a campaign for atheism." Dr. Stein and Dr. Dawkins both made the same move by leaving what they know and attacking that which they know very little.

Dawkins' comments regrading Christianity are shallow and ignorant and don't deserve to be treated seriously. I believe it's only because the man has such a wide following and his book was so popular that many Christian scholars felt the need to render a response. The man is a disrespectful, rude, indecent, inconsiderate and loathsome individual whose weightless claims and assertions regarding Christianity are childish. Please stop allowing this man to believe he's actually doing any damage to the faith than he really is. His foolishness has been addressed numerous times and most likely nothing more substantive will be forthcoming. 

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