Sunday, May 4, 2014

Before you say it...

Why don't people cringe when they hear God's name blasphemed? Why don't most people feel disgusted when they hear Jesus' name used as a curse? I began pondering this question after I first started watching Ray Comfort's evangelism encounters.

He often questions the person he's speaking with whether they blaspheme God's name. Most people say they do but seem not to think much of it. Mr. Comfort assures them it is serious (because it is) and it is a violation of one of God's commandments.

While I was watching Mr. Comfort's "Noah" movie, he asked people why no one ever uses any other person's name as a curse word. Who has ever heard anyone use Buddha, Confucius, Hitler, Stalin or any other name to express anger? Would anyone use Mohammed's name as a curse word? DEFINITELY NOT! Hollywood blasphemes the name of Jesus countless times in its movies; they would NEVER.......EVER blaspheme Allah or Mohammed. Perhaps its out of cowardice.

Anyway, the point is blaspheming the God of Scripture is serious and ought not to be done. It ought not be condoned. People have gotten so used to it that most don't even realize what they are saying.
As Christians, not only should we not engage in blasphemy but we should be more conscious of what we appear to condone by our actions.

Do we pay (last time I checked, movie theatre tickets were $13 each!) to watch movies which blaspheme God's name over and over again (e.g., The Wolf of Wall Street)? Do we buy and listen to music which does this?

It may not be easy changing one's movie watching and music listening habits; however, we live for a God who loves and cares for us and has given us the Holy Spirit to work within us. We have not been left to change on our own. Our Father is always present.

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