Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pain and Gain

I watched Marky Mark and the Rock's movie, Pain and Gain last night. I was mostly disgusted by it. Not because of the unnecessary foul language or perverted and unfunny jokes, but because of the Rock's character. Once again we have Hollywood portraying Christians as morons.

The Rock's character is a man who supposedly became saved while in prison. Throughout the movie, he is seen attending strip clubs, using foul language, sniffing coke, abusing alcohol and participating in serious criminal activities. He's a hypocrite. Isn't this the media's favorite portrayal of Christians? It sure is.

The Rock's character is also depicted as an idiot. He says some of the most dumb statements and seems to have the intelligence of a high-school kid. He is also shown acting out ridiculous scenes, such as displaying his supposed power to convert anyone by placing his hand on one character's head and commanding him to believe in Jesus.

I'm so tired of trash like this. I'm a bit surprised that the Rock would even take on such an offensive role such as this. I wonder if he, Marky Mark, the director Michael Bay or anyone else in the cast would consider doing another movie similar to Pain and Gain but this time instead of a Christian being mocked throw in a Muslim instead. I wonder how that outcome will be.

You won't see this happen because #1 Islam is a politically correct privileged religion. Any negative criticism whatsoever will not be heard by the media. #2 these people do not have the guts to do such a thing for they know (or should know) that mocking or making fun of anything related to Islam is almost suicidal. Like Bart Ehrman said, when asked if he would ever write a textual criticism related book on the Quran, "I'll write one when I stop valuing my life." Hollywood is full of cowards.

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