Friday, March 30, 2012

Slow Down

I find myself always rushing in life. I mean rushing to get to the next thing. As soon as I get to the place where I wanted to be, I find that I want to move on to somewhere else. All the while I do not enjoy the road which lead me there, nor do I fully appreciate the place I am once I have gotten there.

I remember as a child I wanted to grow up in a hurry. Now that I'm older, I sometimes wish I would I could become a child again. I pursued a bachelor's degree and obtained it. While I was completing it, I could not wait until I finished so that I could pursue a Master's degree. Now that I have the bachelor's and am in a Master's program, I want to hurry up and finish the Master's so I can move on to doctoral work.

I think it is a mistake to want to rush one's life. This may sound cliched but it's not about just getting to the destination. It's also about the path one takes and enjoying the ride. If you keep moving from one thing to another while not enjoying the place where you're at right now then my suspicion is once you're at the end of your life, you'll be amazed and disappointed how fast your life went. You'll remember how much you hurried without truly simply enjoying the moment.

Sometimes the anticipation of a ride is more exciting than the ride itself.

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